August 31, 2013

I Went to Maine

Did I tell you I went to Maine? That's right, I finally got to travel somewhere.

I went there to visit my friend Andrea and her family. We went to high school together here in Memphis, and when we get together it is very much like we are 14 again.

I didn't sketch in the plane, but did note when we were flying over Manhattan. This little sketch is one of many still-lifes I did in Andrea's kitchen, a very cozy place.

This is her next door neighbor's house.

Gilbert's Chowder House has the best clam chowder! This was the first of two visits.

I drew these on the ferry to Peak Island.

Sat on the rocky beach and sketched.

Casco Bay

I realized while sketching on Peak Island that I did not have the proper green marker. So frustrating! There is a whole sketch I left out of here because I tried to mix my yellow watercolor brushpen and my blue watercolor brushpen, which failed. We went to an art supply store after the island excursion and I tried out several markers. I was excited about the Copic markers, but then I realized they bleed through! Luckily it was the failed sketch that it ruined.

We ate a lot of grapes that weekend.

Andrea grew these vegetables!

This and the sketch above are from Ogunquit, which is south of Portland. It's a lovely little town with a walkway along the water's edge. This place is lousy with lighthouses.

This was my final kitchen still-life before I had to head home again. It was a lovely little trip!

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Carl Fox said...

I love the ink brush boats!

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