August 08, 2013

Barcelona Day 8 - Symposium! (Part 2)

In the afternoon of the last day there was a great lecture by Fred Lynch. He's quite the story teller!

Then it was time for the afternoon sketchcrawl. There were hundreds of people there, not just from the Symposium, and it felt like a party. I got to hang out a little with Genine and Amber, who I had spent a lot of time with at the last Symposium.

Those are all the people who were taking pictures of the 400 or so sketchers who attended the sketchcrawl.

Then I finally got to sketch!

After the sketchcrawl there was a reception back at the CCCB, but I ended up without pictures or sketches from there. It was fun, but bittersweet because it marks the end of another Symposium.

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