April 01, 2014

Class Prep

Class prep isn't only making a list for myself of everything to talk about, or gathering materials and examples, it's also just thinking about it, a lot, every time I sketch for a month leading up to the class.

March 31, 2014

Memphis Monday: The Art Center

That's the Art Center over there across the street. I was sitting at Sean's Deli, which has yummy falafel and hummus and gyros. The Art Center has yummy paints and pens and sketchbooks. Visit them both!

March 29, 2014

Unexpected Night Out

Most Fridays I go to art openings, even when I want to go home and put on my house pants. But this particular Friday night I got a text saying we're having dinner at Bosco's - fun! Even if it's not house-pants friendly.

March 28, 2014

Poetry Listening

More sketches from the poetry reading I mentioned in the last Follow Friday.

March 27, 2014

Last Month's Sketch Group

Memphis Urban Sketchers met at the Clark Tower area for the March Sketch group.  Here are my sketches from the day.

I call this one Big Monster with a Hat On, inspired by Inma Serrano.

I also sketched in side the Poplar/White Station Library, which sits in front of the White Station Tower and the Clark Tower. It's the library of my childhood!

And I sketched at Casablanca Restaurant, where some of the sketchers met for lunch.

Join us for the next sketch group Saturday, April 5 at Elmwood Cemetery, 9:30 til noon!

March 26, 2014

Studio Night Last Night: Class Prep Mostly

That's right, class prep mostly. Sigh.

There are seven paintings here just glaring at me. Don't worry paintings, I'll get to you.

This picture is from the first class last week. I like to make my students make sketches for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. It's so fun, even if I'm the only one who ever enjoys it. But they do like it later when I let them collage into and over the quick sketches.

Do you ever make sketches that quickly? It's fun to mix it up.

March 14, 2014

Follow Friday: Poets and Bookstores

My friend Heather Dobbins-Combs just had a book of poetry published titled In the Low Houses. It is lovely and I know this because she read several of them to a us at Burke's Books last week. I also bought a copy so that I can read the rest of them myself.

Go to Burke's and buy yourself a copy!

March 13, 2014

Tiny Sketchbook

In addition to my everyday Stillman & Birn Alpha Series sketchbook, I've been carrying around a very small Laloran sketchbook. It's 4.5" x 4.5" - that's tiny! It's perfect for when I only have time for the quickest sketch, or when I want to practice sketching people (there are more people in later sketches - you'll see.)

March 12, 2014

Studio Night Last Night: Slides!

I show my age when I refer to images of my artwork as "slides," but you know what I mean.

Before I began Studio Night proper, I went to David Nester's house to pick up some paintings he photographed for me. He does an amazing job photographing artwork! I could never get the subtleties of the paint and colors like he does.

This one is:
La Oveja de Robledillo
2013, oil on paper, 30" x 22"

La Presa
2013, oil on paper, 30" x 22"

These are both from my ongoing series Learning to Say I Love You in Spanish. I showed six of these at the Botanic Gardens in December.

These two are from my series Small London, which I also showed in December.

This one is:
Westminster Abbey
2013, oil on canvas, 12" x 12"

UK Border
2013, oil on canvas, 12" x 12"

March 11, 2014

Teaching at Flicker Street Next Week

Getting Comfortable with Your Sketchbook with Elizabeth Alley

Thursdays · March 20 - April 3
6:00 - 9:00 · 3 sessions
$125 · Plus $25 Material Fee
Beginner and up

An artist's sketchbook is bedrock for ideas, recording impressions, feelings, and thoughts about their world. This class will focus on sketching from direct observation and other methods for bringing those impressions to life.

Sign up Online Here OR
Call 901-767-2999

Also take a look at Flicker Street Studio's redesigned website!