August 19, 2014

Understand Newfoundland

Hey it's been a while, huh? Well, I was in Newfoundland for almost two weeks, driving around, eating fish and potatoes and gravy and moose burgers, meeting nice people, and sketching. I'll get to those later. For now, here's our route.

(click to make it bigger)

August 02, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Car visor mirror self portrait

July 31, 2014

July 29, 2014

Olives and Cupcakes

July 28, 2014

Memphis Monday: Sketch Group at the Peabody Hotel

For the Memphis Urban Sketchers July sketch group and 44th World Wide SketchCrawl, we met at the Peabody Hotel and sketched on the rooftop and in the lobby before setting out for lunch at the Flying Fish.

Here are my sketches!

On the mezzanine level overlooking the ducks frolicking in the lobby fountain.

I really wanted to sit at a table to sketch in the lobby, so I bought a small pot of coffee.

I am enjoying drawing lines with watercolor lately!

July 27, 2014

Supply Sunday: Hi-Tec C Multi-Pen

My current favorite thing is the Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi-pen. I bought one from a while back and just ordered another one - so I can keep one at work and one in my bag, duh. This time around I also ordered every color except purples and pinks (sorry purples and pinks - not sorry).

July 26, 2014


July 25, 2014

Follow Friday: Tom Pellett and Memphis Urban Sketchers

Peabody Hotel Sketches by Tom Pellett

Visit Memphis Urban Sketchers blog - Tom Pellett has been posting fantastic sketches from some of our outings over the years.

He has his own blog now, too!

July 24, 2014

July 23, 2014

Studio Night Last Night: Early Birthday Present

Best early birthday present from my husband: a compass! With a Tolkien quote!