August 03, 2013

Barcelona Day 6 - Symposium! (Part 2)

After my first cortado (mmmm)...

Went to Inma Serrano's workshop and despite the rain and moving around, it was great fun learning about drawing people quickly and drawing buildings like they are big monsters.

Here is my first "big monster" - these are actual Roman ruins in the middle of Barcelona!

It stopped raining so we went to this plaza for more sketching. I sat on the top step to make the sketch below, one of my favorite from the symposium.


Neta Hagiladi said...

Hi there,

I identify with every line - it brings back the memories... my favorite habit was to open the day with a cup of cortado at the market stall. and the roman columns in the middle of the apartment houses - that was surreal. I love your bold approach to Colors, especially the yellow! neta

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thank you! I'm glad my posts are bringing up memories for people who were there, too!