August 05, 2013

Memphis Monday: Sketch Group at Crosstown

Saturday the Memphis Urban Sketchers returned to Crosstown to sketch the Crosstown Tower and the Cleveland Street Flea Market.

I started with a couple of small sketches outside to warm up, even though we felt a couple of drops of rain...

Went inside to make this one, because it was really raining by then. Luckily the Cleveland Street Flea Market is all windows in the front and on the side, so we all had good views of the Crosstown building.

I need to work on my skies. Started this one with watercolor but the paper spotted and buckled like crazy, so I went over it with watercolor pencil, but it was too marky (mark?), so I went back over it in white gouache when I got home.

Sketched Linda's booth while talking to her about sketching and about bracelets, two of my favorite things. Bought a bracelet.

A few of us went to Saigon Le and ate lunch while talking about sketching and traveling and teaching.

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