August 08, 2013

Barcelona Day 8 - Symposium! (Part 1)

Here is Lapin sketching.

And here he is pointing us to our workshop destination - this was for Virginia Hein's workshop on day 3 of the Symposium.

We made it to the gorgeous setting.

Virginia did some great demonstrations.

And as usual I had so much fun making the quick sketches. These were made with a Home Depot carpenter pencil. Virginia gave one to each of us for the purpose of not getting too detailed.

Then there was The Incident, also known as Drowning Man in Sunglasses. He was never really drowning, he was fine, but he really was wearing sunglasses the whole time.

I could only scan half of my big watercolor sketch at a time - here's the left half...

and the right half.

Then Virginia was interviewed on Catalan TV!

Everyone did great work despite the distractions.

Then I ate a tortilla bocadilla.


Anonymous said...

Bocadillo de tortilla.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Even better!

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