August 04, 2013

Supply Sunday: New Pens!

I got some new pens from last week! The yellow one is a Lamy Safari - I already have one with a fine nib, this one is medium. Why not just get a new nib? Because they only cost $28 and this pen is yellow! You can see the blue-black ink in the doodle on the page on the left.

The other pen is a Pilot Pocket Brush pen with a hard tip. When I first used it, I thought it was going to be the answer to every question I ever had, just like I do any time I use a new art supply. It is a great pen, but I still haven't found that answer yet. Plus, can't beat $5!

The sketchbook is a small Moleskine sketchbook - a new one that's called a Pen & Ink sketchbook. I'm thinking it doesn't have the coating of regular Moleskines (which I hear they are about to change anyway). It's a good little book and takes the ink of both of these pens well.

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