July 31, 2011

Yeah, More Parking Lot

Yes. It's another drawing of the parking lot. But at least it's a different medium: a PITT pen.

I'm kind of in a sketching rut at the moment, but mostly because I'm spending most of my time painting in the studio. I hope to remedy the sketching-rut situation soon. Until then, there's always the parking lot.


Jason Peck said...

Great drawing, is that a sepia color?

MM Enterprises said...

wow, Magnificent painting, i like it.

Praveen Kumar said...

hi, so nice sketch. i like your work.

Elizabeth Alley said...

It's actually a mustard yellow on moleskine paper, which is sort of creamy. Add scanning, and it comes out sort of sepia, but it is more of an ochre.

Jason Peck said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Thank you for the info on the Pitt pen, I really appreciate it. Im going to pick some up next time I go to the Art Center. I guess they would have them.

I really like this color, and I bet it would look great over some black technical pen lines.

I just wonder if it would cause the black ink to bleed. I think it would have a really cool look if it worked.

My favorite pens for sketching are the Micron technical pens, sizes 01-08. I also use the Helix brand.

Sincerely, Jason

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