September 01, 2013

Supply Sunday: Sketcing with Pencils in Museums (or, I Also Went to Nashville)

Did you know most museums ask you to sketch in pencil rather then pen? Luckily I did, so I brought my pencil case full of colored pencils with me when we drove up to Nashville last weekend to see Art Deco Automobiles at the Frist Center.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed sketching these, and was especially glad I had color to work with, these little sketches in no way do justice to these gorgeous objects. They are really, really lovely - just no other word for it.

Though I made this one look like an clumsy dragon, it was actually the most beautiful car there.

There were a couple of motorcycles, too.

Even the shadows created by the door handle were beautiful.

It was weird to sketch in pencil so much after using nothing but pens for the last year, but it was the perfect way to sketch these cars because I could just go over the shapes repeatedly, trying to get it right.

The colored pencils are Derwent Inktense, and the graphite pencils are Design Drawing 4B. These are in my Laloran sketchbook, so they are pretty small.

We ate that night at City House, which was a very good way to end a fun day.

(click images for more detail)

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