September 28, 2014

Supply Sunday: Vacation Sketching Supplies

Here are the sketching supplies I carried with me on our trip to Newfoundland.

Usually I have a bag of this, a bag of that, but I decided to consolidate this time since I already had this great bag from I'm glad I did - so much neater.

It carries a lot.

1. Pens

  • white Uni-ball Signo pen - don't use it that much but when I need it I need it
  • Hi-Tec-C .25 black pen - makes teeny tiny lines - had fun using it with watercolor in the second sketch here
  • Pentel brush pen - love this one, but actually didn't use it all that much this trip
  • Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen in "skyblue" - for skies
2. Watercolor pens
  • the 1st, 2nd, and 4th of these are Pentel Aquash waterbrush pens filled with Dr. PH Marten's watercolor - I actually didn't use these as much as I normally do. Different surroundings call for different supplies, and you never really know what you'll need until you get there. I admire sketchers who use their supplies more consistently than I do.
  • the 3rd is a Kuretake waterbrush pen filled with water. I find that the Pentel Aquash are better for color and the Kuretake is better for water. 
  • Pentel ink brush pen - this comes filled with ink already. I love it! I like using it to sketch people lately.
    (All of these supplies go in my carry-on quart bag of liquids on the plane.)
3. Colored pencils
  • most of these are Derwent watercolor pencils
  • except that first one, which is Prismacolor watercolor - I brought it specifically for the Newfoundland flag, which my guidebook told me was pink and white and green and was flown everywhere. However, it is neither the Newfoundland flag, nor is it flown everywhere. It is the old Republic of Newfoundland flag, which was replaced by a Newfoundland Canadian Province flag in the (I want to say...) 1980s or '90s, and that one is flown everywhere. I saw maybe four of the pink/white/green flag in all of our 2500 miles of driving, but I certainly did sketch one with my pink colored pencil! 
  • the other odd one out is the 5th one over, a double-sided "Mitsu-bishi" vermilion/prussian blue pencil like the ones we used in grade school. This came in handy because of the red - so many Canadian flags! 
  • And one 4B graphite pencil, for good measure.
4. various clips, paper towel, kneaded eraser, tiny pencil sharpener

5. Winsor & Newton artists' watercolor in a tiny Altoids tin. I didn't have time to do it properly by spraying the tin with enamel paint, but I didn't need the top to mix the colors anyway - I just used them all straight.

6. Business cards and stickers made from my paintings.

7. Tiny collapsible scissors and photo tabs for sticking things in my sketchbook.

8. These three things I carried in my purse separate from the green bag, to be more easily accessible:

  • Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi-pen - As I said before, this thing is my new best friend. I filled it with blue black, green, clear blue, and apricot orange, all 0.4. I included orange because I love orange, but next time I will replace it with red, because more things in the world are red than are orange. Especially in Canada.
  • Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen in black - I love the blue-black in the multi-pen, but sometimes you just need black, plus I liked being able to switch from the ballpoint/rollerball type Hi-Tec-C to a felt tip pen.
  • Mechanical pencil - for making little comics about the trip. I promise to share those with you soon.
9. Laloran sketchbook

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Maria Angeles Martinez Fernandez said...

Espectaculares las grandes cosas pintadas en vuestro gran viaje a Newfoundland. Tiene que ser un lugar espectacular que has sabido transmitir con tus lapices!!!.

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