January 25, 2018

Two Stories of Iceland

For the last year I've been working on this project, Two Stories of Iceland, a narrative exploration of Icelandic stories and landscape in small paintings and drawings.

It consists of a series of 16 ink drawings that tell the true story about a young woman who disappeared from Reykjavik last January, called Story of a Girl. I drew the version of the story - the search, investigation, and the impact this event had on the community - that lived in my head as I followed the developments in the Iceland Review.

Another series is of a trip I took to Iceland in 2015 with my best friend, who is Icelandic, and our families. As I tell the story of the trip in small paintings and drawings, I relive the trip obsessively.

I did most of this obsessively, as that is my modus operandi, plus I can't figure out how to do things any other way.

I hope you'll come see the show at Crosstown Arts (in Crosstown Concourse). It'll be up through March 11.

I also hope you'll come back here to see if I post more sketches - I hope I do! I plan to do another #oneweek100people next week, but just on my own and will try to post my sketches :)

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