May 31, 2014

Phoenix Friday

This is kind of it lately. Traveling is the only time I've sketched. I'm not sure if it's all the work at work or all the work on the upcoming show (hey I should post about that!). Or all the work on not working when I'm not working.

Whatever it is, it means not a lot of sketching. Which is fine. I know that these things ebb and these things flow.

In the meantime, here are some sketches of Phoenix. Seems I left my brown pen at home :)

May 16, 2014

FLL Friday

Well, okay, I did take a break from working to visit my sister and her family in Fort Lauderdale.

I got to see Harper and Charlie play t-ball and play on the playground. It started raining and we went home and painted pictures together.

We went to a Marlins game in Miami. Sometimes I like it when other people drive. Especially if it's Keith.

Katherine and Charlie and I ate lunch at the beach. Charlie said, "Your face looks like my mom's face!"

May 15, 2014

work work work work work

There's been a lot of this going on lately, for all of my jobs. (Except teaching - not til fall!)

May 14, 2014

Studio Night Last Night: Teeny Tiny

Making tiny paintings and teeny tiny paintings. This one's teeny tiny at 1.25 by 5 inches.

May 05, 2014

Memphis Monday: Elmwood Cemetery

For our April sketch group, the Memphis Urban Sketchers went to Elmwood Cemetery - one of our favorite places to sketch.

My brother is the writer-in-residence for Elmwood and you can see some of the histories he has written on their blog.

May 01, 2014


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Sketchwork Moved!

Please visit Sketchwork at . After 12 years with Blogger, I am incorporating my blog into my website becaus...