August 28, 2015

Singapore Trip: Day "1"

I say day "1" because who knows how long this really was. Twenty hours? Two days? I still really don't know. This sketch was at the very beginning of the trip, and the rest of the trip was too exhausting. But I did read a lot!

This is how you make your passengers happy - serve them ice cream! This is the only time that happened.

We had a layover in Tokyo - this was our first glimpse of Japan.

We got onigiri at the airport, then had a heck of a time getting into it - this series is called "Americans Try to Open Onigiri."

I can't read that?

Maybe that's right?

Why is my rice ball naked?

Is that right?

We arrived in Singapore... at some point, and one of my awesome Symposium team members, Pat, picked us up at midnight! So nice! The next day we slept.

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