August 27, 2015

Iceland Trip: Day 6 and Packing for Singapore

Our big adventure for the day was the Blue Lagoon! I was so excited to go there. We went in late afternoon - that's Heather's dad driving us.

So much steam!

We did all the stuff you're supposed to do there - showered naked, put mud on our faces, drank skyr smoothies. But as with any pool, I am not long for it, so I got out and made this sketch. That is a big rack full of robes that you can rent, plus lots of shower shoes and water bottles scattered about. Beyond that is the pool, then lava rocks, then mountains.

On the left is the bracelet that they give you when you check in. You use it to do everything - lock and unlock your locker, pay for stuff, and probably something else.

The next day we headed back home. We were barely out of Reykjavik before we missed our traveling companions terribly - they were staying for another week.

Back home in Memphis we unpacked, laundered, repacked, and prepared to go to Singapore!

This was our lovely though temporary home in Reykjavik.

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