August 25, 2015

Iceland Trip: Day 5

Are you ready for some waterfalls?! On day five, Heather, Rodney, Toby and I took ourselves on a waterfall tour. Here's the first one, Gljúfrabúi. I sketched it, then we had a picnic nearby.

Then we walked over to the next one, Seljalandsfoss. It took us a while to get over there, because we all had to stop and take lots of pictures.

We walked behind this one - click on this one to see more detail - you can see tiny people behind the waterfall and on the other side, to the left, just to give you an idea of the size.

My awesome friends drove me over to Seljalandsfoss and sat me down on a bench so that I could have some good sketching time.

This is just more amazing stuff we drove past. Click for more detail.

The final waterfall of the day, Skógafoss, which is right next to the volcano that erupted in 2010. You can also see a glacier from the top. Yes we walked to the top - almost 400 steps there to the right.

Up, up, up! You can see where the river leads to the ocean.

At the very top is a platform that is all metal grate like these stairs. I don't care for that - looking so far down! Behind that is a weird ladder to get over the sheep fence, and people waited in line in silence to get over from both directions.

The other side is amazing - rolling hills with other, smaller waterfalls leading to the big falls. Behind and all around you is the sound of the big falls.

I sketched the area looking towards the big falls here on the right, because I knew if I kept walking to see what was over that next hill and the next and the next, and I'd never stop.

Stopped at this crazy rock with structures built into it to take pictures. We called it the Troll House.

When we got back, Heather's mom had made us lamb for dinner. What a great day!

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