August 20, 2015

Iceland Trip: Day 1

Our first day in Iceland was a bit of a blur, as it always is with the first day of international travel. But it was good! We landed in Keflavik and took a bus to Reykjavik, through lava fields covered in moss.

The apartment where we were staying was lovely, and had the world's best coffee maker. We went to the grocery store, which was the same but totally different.

The sketch on the left is of Baejarins Beztn Pylsur, a hot dog stand in downtown Reykjavik serving the BEST hot dogs!

Our little traveling companions, Miriam and Clara, opted for pizza instead.

We also had ice cream! That is how you can tell I'm on vacation - when else do I have a chance to eat an ice cream cone?


Clara, Miriam, and bunny ears.

Here is more of downtown Reykjavik. I am not kidding: it was past 10:30 at night when I took this picture.

More soon. Click images for more detail.

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