August 23, 2015

Iceland Trip: Day 3

We were headed out on a tour of Iceland's Golden Circle, so I started the day with a warm-up sketch. The Golden Circle is a route from Reykjavik into central Iceland where you can see landmarks and geographical wonders.

Below the warm-up sketch is a sketch I started on the tour bus waiting for the tour to start. I began drawing another bus, just to guarantee that the tour would start and that I wouldn't get to finish my sketch. It worked.

The first stop was Thingviller National Park (the Th in the name is made with a different character in Icelandic, but I can't seem to copy and paste it in blogger without it messing up my formatting, so I suggest you google it), where the European and North American tectonic plates are both visible! It is also the site of Iceland's viking parliament, and apparently where they've filmed some episodes of Game of Thrones. We weren't there long enough for any sketches more than this one of the visitor center, but there are some pictures below.

Top left is they geyser Strokkur, and it's also the site of Geysir, the original geyser for which all geysers are named. It is currently dormant due to an earthquake.

The sketch on the right is Gullfoss, a waterfall that was Amazing. The wind and spray generated from it were so strong I thought that my sketchbook was going to go flying!

Here's another visitor center! And another little coffee cup back at the apartment.

That night we went to the suburbs of Reykjavik to visit Heather's parents' best friends, who had made us a lovely lobster soup for dinner.

At Thingviller. I have a thing for both rocks and long views.

That's the whole Ashley family down there, exploring Thingveller in the few minutes allowed by our tour.

Gullfoss, on the river Hvítá.

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