July 29, 2013

Memphis Monday: Sketching Lessons from Barcelona

Saturday I taught a workshop at Flicker Street Studio called Sketching Lessons from Barcelona. I brought the trip back with me and shared it!

It was so much fun - I told them all about my trip and about what I learned from each workshop, and then we sketched.

Revisiting the whole symposium was  so fun for me, and I really enjoyed sharing it with others. I even included  the "drowning man in sunglasses" story.

How about we make this a series - where can I go next?


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived nearer, I could join in.

Alissa Duke said...

Great idea! I am going to start to try to put down in words what I learned from each Workshop .Each was an amazing experience and I came away with new ideas or concepts. And then there is all that I learnt from the other USKer

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