July 30, 2013

Barcelona Day 3: Perfect Day at Sagrada Familia

This was a big day! We went to Sagrada Familia, which is just an amazing building/place/idea.

We accidentally did it exactly right, too. The line was way too long when we got there, so we went to the park behind it and I sketched and we sat and people-watched.

Then we went to a café and ate and I sketched some more. And we ate delicious bocadillas and croquettas.

< bocadillas and croquettas!

Then we went to the park on the other side and took a bunch of pictures, and by then the line was very manageable. So we stood in the line as the group behind us WHISTLED the whole time. The. Whole. Time. As a group. Takes all kinds, I suppose.

Turns out the place was open way later than we thought, so we got to spend a lot of time there.
This is me sitting ON La Sagrada Familia - there are bench-like spots built into the front of it.

We went in the museum and got a close-up look at models and things. We sat in the basilica and sketched together. Then we took the Tower Tour! An elevator took us all the way up one of the towers, and we took the stairs down. It was Amazing. We stopped at every opening and looked out at all of Barcelona, and at closer views of all of the crazy spires and sculptures all over the church.

After that we went back to our neighborhood and bought all of the supplies we needed for a Spanish feast: tortilla de española, ham, more ham, cheese, more cheese, bread and wine, and we ate in our hotel room.

Perfect day!

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