July 26, 2013

Follow Friday: Suhita Shirodkar

Who better to be the first Follow Friday after the Urban Sketching Symposium but the fellow sketcher I was most inspired by: Suhita Shirodkar. She was one of the Symposium Correspondents, which means she spent all day every day sketching everything that was going on and everyone who was there, and then posted it all every night! So that alone is impressive.

But also her work itself is so fresh and descriptive without being busy or uptight. Watching her working with watercolor inspired me to give it another go. In addition to all of that, she was also consistently upbeat and energetic!

So please check out her blog Sketch Away: Travels with my Sketchbook, and visit the Symposium blog to see her sketches from the Symposium here, here and here!


Suhita said...

How DID I miss this Elizabeth! A big thank you! It was so fantastic to meet you and so many other Urban Sketchers! what an incredible community of artists!

Elizabeth Alley said...

It was great to meet you, too!

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