July 31, 2013

Barcelona Day 4 Photo Catch-Up!

I realized that I forgot to post pictures from the trip! And day four is a good day to post them, because for some strange reason I didn't sketch one thing on day four.

So here we are back at the beginning at the Memphis Airport, where we found my painting! I made this for the 2007 Memphis in May Fine Art Poster honoring...

That's right, Spain! How fitting.

On the first day we were there I made a sketch from our balcony, then sat in bed and admired it. I'll admit it: I do that.

The next day we walked down to the waterfront, and passed by the Columbus memorial, where I stood in the only shade to be found and took an artsy picture.

Then the Sagrada Familia! These pictures don't do it any justice whatsoever, but they prove I was there.

And so was Picasso!

Here I am in the light of some amazing stained glass.

We went up in a tower and saw all of Barcelona!

Also the crazy inside of the tower.

And the outside of the church.

And whoa!

And then a wonderful dinner in the hotel room.

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