July 27, 2013

Barcelona Day... 2?

I think these are from Saturday night and Sunday, but I'm not sure. Jet lag hit me harder this trip than it has since the first time I went to San Francisco and slept for the first 15-or-so hours we were there.

This first sketch is from our balcony overlooking Plaza Catalunya. Well, overlooking the trees that overlook the plaza. It was a nice place to stay!

Hey look it's Toby! This was our first meal at Woki Organic Market, right around the corner from our hotel. It was a GREAT place. We went a little nuts there that first night and I think we ordered one of everything.

Typical trip sketch! Toby at breakfast, a note to myself, and a landmark. This is the Columbus memorial near the waterfront. We walked down La Rambla - because you've got to, just like you've got to walk through Times Square - and to the waterfront. That was almost all that we did on Sunday, because we were so tired.

We did go to the grocery store, too - there's one on La Rambla! It was crazy-busy, like the Mapco on Central and Cooper.

After a really long nap, we went to dinner at 11:00 PM (because Spain) at La Ginesta. I had seen on Facebook that some other folks who were in Barcelona for the Symposium had been there earlier in the evening. It was a great place that we would visit about 3 more times over the course of the trip :)

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