August 01, 2012

USK Symposium - Going Home

Did you think I was finished? Ha!

The morning we left, I ate breakfast with the two sketchers I ate breakfast with on the first morning, so that was fun. Then I hung out with Lynne, Benjamin and Scott before it was time to check out. I had to keep sketching because Lynne was sketching me sketching.

We all ended up going to the airport together, and Scott was even on our flight. I sketched these in the airport, again with the Lynne-influenced colored pencils.

This new format that I started doing during the SketchCrawl is a really good way for me to quickly sketch little stuff, instead of having it all on the paper willy nilly. Put it in a line! Of course! But I've been using it more and more and I really like the technique.

And here is my final sketch of the trip, the airplane sketch.

Since my return I'm sketching the same amount as always, which is pretty much every day, but I'm thinking about it in a different way - thinking about composition a lot more, about perspective and about layers and sexy line and mass, and using a variety of materials. I spend a lot more time thinking about sketching, and about everything I learned and all of the wonderful people that I met.


Steven said...

What do you mean "put it in a line?" Looks like a blast!

Elizabeth Alley said...

Ha! Thanks. That's just me making fun of myself :)

Steven said...

Oh, I thought you learned some new fancy pants secret to getting sketchy magic.

Anonymous said...

I love these too :)

Elizabeth Alley said...


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