August 02, 2012

Out and About

The last of the pre-Symposium sketches.

I was working on getting ready for the Symposium at my "other office" (where I hand out at lunch and work on non-work work).
Mmmmm.... guacamole!
What I did on July 3rd and 4th:
•Bought two hats - if you've seen pictures of my from the Symposium you know which one I like better.
•Finished that painting - yay! It is currently residing at Harrington Brown Gallery. I drew this from memory - not something I'm very good at, but that's how well I know this painting.
•Finished Cutting for Stone. Cried my eyes out.
•Saw an adolescent raccoon in my backyard. Toby shoo'd it away to make sure it wouldn't die in our basement (because yes, that is a worry).
•Ate a hot dog! It was Fourth of July!


Doug said...

Came upon your blog, like your sketches.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thank you!

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