August 04, 2012

Sketch Group Today

Went to Idlewild Presbyterian Church today with Memphis Urban Sketchers. It was a good place for indoor (summertime) sketching. At first it was very quiet, with only the hum of the lawnmower outside and the occasional clatter of a dropped pencil. Then the organ player came in to practice. That woke us right up!

Here is a quick thumbnail on the left to help me get started.

This is actually a pretty big sketch for me - it's about 8" x 10" and is in a Canson inspiration sketchbook. I tried out all of the stuff I learned at the Urban Sketching Symposium: working with shapes and mass, using thumbnails, some sexy line, layering, using a variety of materials in one sketch, and sketching architecture! All there in one sketch.

Click on it for more detail.

Then I wandered around and sketched some chairs. Go to the Memphis Urban Sketchers blog for more sketches from the day.

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