August 01, 2012

Around My House

These are a few pre-Symposium sketches.

The quote on the left is from Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse, by a painter was thinking about her painting. I wrote it down because I was hoping it was the secret I needed to help with a painting I was stuck on. I think it helped a little.
This is my stove. I usually don't sketch in my kitchen, which is weird because I spend so much time in there. I really love my kitchen. Maybe I'll draw it for you more.
My backyard and a list.


Steven said...

More kitchen!

I should sketch food more often, too. I notice that sketchers like Liz Steele and Kumi Matsukawa do it all the time.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Sketching food is fun, but I usually forget about it until after I've eaten.

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