August 17, 2012

East Memphis, Downtown, Midtown

Here is another errand sketch, of the fire station next door to my grocery store.

The next day I drove downtown during lunch to pick up a tiny painting from the Cotton Museum. My friend and former teacher Greely Myatt had an "intervention" show at the Cotton Museum, and I was one of several artists who included a small piece of work to display on the stands where cotton-related products are usually displayed.

This is my tiny painting. I call it My Mimi K, because that's who that is, Mimi K. The cotton tie-in is that she worked at a cotton company for years and years. And when I say tiny, I mean it's 3 inches square. Tiny!
Then I had a minute so I sketched the view east from Union and Front as quickly as I could!

After work I met my friend Martha Kelly for dinner at Soul Fish in midtown. She had just returned from a sketching trip in Greece and Turkey, and I had just returned from the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo, so we just nerded out, sketching and talking about sketching.

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