July 29, 2012

USK Symposium - Day Three

The Symposium was only three days, so this was the last day! That morning I was too overwhelmed with affection for my fellow sketchers to take many pictures :) But I had it together enough to sketch some sketchers at the morning talk.

The workshop I took Saturday was by the wonderful Miguel Herranz and Swasky and was called What's Behind an Onion?.

I started out strong with some leftover sexy line from the previous day, but then I lost it a little. Which was actually good because then Miguel & Swasky could use my sketches as examples for what not to do. Just kidding - I appreciate critiques! I was there to learn!

Here Swasky uses his hat to demonstrate a better composition.

Here he wears his hat and uses his hands to make his point.

Finally! My a-ha moment. What's behind an onion, you ask? Layers!

More on day three soon...

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