July 23, 2012

USK Symposium - Day One!

Day one of the Symposium started with a convivial breakfast at the hotel with other sketchers. The top left sketch is a typical start-of-the-day sketch for me - a warm-up to get the hand, eye and sketchbook warmed up. Click on the image to enlarge it and see the story on the bottom left.

The very light sketch on the right is of the same scene, below, in which I was up on the stage! For the welcome comments! It was fine, but it helped to do a quick sketch to calm the nerves.

Since my job on the committee was to work with sponsors, I read out all of the sponsors' names in order to thank them publicly. As I was reading them (there were nine, total), I realized I had never said the last one out loud. "Kunst & Papier." Hopefully my Southern accent made my butchering of it sound a little cute, at least.

Anyway, this is everybody! Everybody, this is Sketchwork.

This is the site of the first workshop I took, Straight to Colors with Eduardo Bajzek. Super great workshop, and a great group of people, too.

First attempts with markers. The one on the left made me laugh out loud at myself! But then Eduardo gave me some pointers and I started to get the hang of it.

 Adding some color...

Getting more pointers from Eduardo, and trying to stay hydrated. That's Irina on the left. She made some lovely sketches.

(photo by Scott Renk)

There's Scott! We met on the plane - on the same flight from Atlanta. I borrowed some of his photos for this post!

Here's our great group - we're all very proud of our work! Some of us went to lunch together after. And sketched.

(Scott's photo, taken by Laurel Holmes)


Benjamin J. Melgares said...

It's hard to believe that almost a week has gone by that I were in santo domingo. I would have loved to take the straight to colors workshop. I bet it was great. Awesome work by the way working with all the sponsors and everything. We all enjoyed it so much.

I hope all is well,

Mojo said...

I am wondering if there were language issues with the attendee/instructors. Was everything done in English?

Elizabeth Alley said...

A lot of the instructors had local co-instructors. There were a lot of people there who spoke both Spanish and English, so there was a lot of Spanish speaking going on. There there were a lot of Portuguese speakers as well. I told them they sounded like they were arguing. But English was the most common language.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Benjamin, I know - it is crazy that just last Monday we were hanging out at the Mercado all day! It looks like you're getting a lot of sketching done at home - that's great!

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