July 24, 2012

USK Symposium - Day One, Part Two!

Here's my lunch. Who doesn't love a ham and cheese sandwich! Above that is my lunch sketch and one from the after-lunch lecture.

The second workshop I took on Thursday was Veronica Lawlor and Jonathan Schmidt's The Decisive Moment. They are big on making thumbnails prior to committing to a sketch, which is an unusual approach for me, as I tend to just dive in without thinking.

The best part about this workshop was that they made me slow down. And look. For like 45 minutes! It was great!

The other best part about this workshop was how the two instructors went around to each participant and quietly showed us how to add dimension to our sketches. It was very stealthy the way they did that. It took me a while to even fully get it, but now I can't get it out of my head!

This is the first big sketch I made from the thumbnails (about 8x10 or so). I was standing in the middle of the pedestrian street El Conde leaning on a sign and so many nice Dominicans came up to talk to me. The people of Santo Domingo really couldn't have been nicer.

Frank who goes by Paco, an American who retired there, introduced himself and his table, which he called "The Office." With him were two men who worked as guards on Rikers Island. When I introduced myself and said I'm from Memphis, one starts quizzing me about Elvis. "Have you ever been to Graceland? How many times? Was it worth it?" The other gentleman was less aggressive with his small talk, and said that he once dated a woman from Memphis and that my accent brought back nice memories. Yay, Memphis!

Look at that beautiful building. I sketched it.

Some of the groups' sketches. Click on this one to see it better.

A few more notes from the workshop and a quick sketch of Jonathan, followed by night sketching at the Quintana bar. I couldn't stop looking at that library sign and had to sketch it. We were having drinks with a couple dozen other sketchers, and Toby could not believe we were all sketching after having sketched all day. Once you get started it is hard to stop!

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