September 08, 2017

Symposium Day 6 - The Last Day!

On Saturday I took Mike Daikubara's workshop Draw Now Think Later. I wrote about it and the big post-symposium change that came from it here.

This workshop was so fun! We all sketched the hot dog and then the skyline. Putting the hot dog down first made the skyline so much less intimidating, it was amazing!

After a rest and a quick lunch with some other sketchers, I went to Grant Park for the final sketch crawl. I again took a long time to start my sketch and was busy visiting and passing out macarons, so I didn't have time for much sketching. But the truth is, the Urban Sketchers Symposium isn't always about sketching!

We gathered for the final group photo - almost 500 sketchers!

Everyone at the Symposium was inspired by Maru Godas who taught a workshop called Gouache Like a Child. I was blown away by her sketches, and inspired to try gouache and to use a large sketchbook. These are the colors she used in her workshop for future reference.

And then we found out where it will be next year! See you in Porto!

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