March 25, 2017

One Week One Hundred People

A couple of weeks ago I participated in #oneweek100people2017, a sketching challenge started by Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes, where the goal was to sketch 100 people in a week.

I don't normally participate in these types of challenges because once I give myself an assignment I don't want to do the thing anymore, but this seemed like fun and I knew that if I didn't get to 100 nothing bad would happen :)

Which is good, because I only got to about 60. But then again, it wasn't a week, it was only five days (March 6-10).

I had big plans for getting to 100. I literally had plans for most days, such as a group photo of women artists in Memphis, during which I completely forgot to sketch, and lunch with girlfriends, during which I was too busy visiting to sketch, etc.

On Friday there was a Spark/Spillit event - Women and Their Art - where I got 20 more people! By then I was feeling so confident that the very last sketch I did I showed to the woman because I was so happy with it.

Some things I learned:
• Sketching with a fat pen makes everything easier! It's freeing somehow, and makes me less timid.
• If I see a person I want to sketch I just have to sketch them! I can't eat lunch first or they will leave before I'm done, and I can't think about it too long or the moment will have passed.

• The way my life it set up, I really don't see a lot of people during the day! Except at work, but I'm weird enough there without going around sketching everyone.
• I like sketching people! I usually sketch around them, but now I have a whole new subject everywhere I go.
• I can take on a challenge without "winning" it and everything will be okay :)

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