April 20, 2015

Fast Sketching at the Food Truck Fest

I sketched this Saturday at the Food Truck Fest - so much fun!

Lately my sketching has been inspired by the class I'm teaching at Flicker Street Studio called Fast Sketching with Ink and Watercolor. I created the class because sometimes it seems like my sketching students want to use pencils and go slow - and there's nothing wrong with that! - but I want them to be prepared to sketch out in the world with a variety of materials, and in a variety of situations. As I've taught this over the last couple of weeks (tomorrow is the last class), I've realized that this class is also about chance - about being open to chance in sketching, but also being prepared for it.

I'm teaching this class again in May and there are still a few spots left - visit the Flicker Street Studio site to sign up!

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