March 16, 2013

Last Day in London

The sketch above is of our hotel. Nice place. Huge! But the large-ness of it did not diminish its cuteness. Our room overlooked the courtyard and on this day, the very grey sky.

Took a bus trip and a walk in the rain to get to The Orangery for afternoon tea. Which was WONDERFUL. We couldn't figure out how they packed so much flavor into those tiny tiny sandwiches.

 Good tea, too.

 Beautiful interior.

Here's The Doctor. He travelled with our travelling companions Brian and Max, who took pictures of him everywhere we went, so we figured he needed to be in my sketchbook, too.

We said goodbye to our friends that night, who then travelled on to York and Edinburgh. We flew back to Memphis the next day. Back home to buttermilk biscuits.

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