March 11, 2013

We Went to London! Part 1

JUST got back from London Saturday night. It was a fantastic trip, and I have it all documented in a sketchbook! I took a Stillman & Birn Beta Series book and wow, that paper is something else - so heavy! It was a great choice, and at 52 pages it was just enough for a week-long trip.

Started sketching before we even took off from the Memphis airport - that's my luggage on the left (I pack light).  On the plane I learned what high altitude does to those ink-filled water-brush pens. It makes it want to all come out at once!

Obligatory plane sketch, while a bit bleary-eyed.

Below that is later that night, after a lovely lunch at a Spanish restaurant called Goya, and after a big fat nap. We had a really wonderful dinner at Top Centre Curry - these are the papadum condiments. Best papadum I've ever had!

(click images for more detail)

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