March 15, 2013

London Day 5 - Light Sketching Day

Light as in not very much, not as in, you know, light.

Toby and I spent half the day at Harrod's. I love going to fancy department stores in other countries - it's like a contemporary museum where you can touch everything! It's also like a museum because I knew I wouldn't be leaving there with anything.

Our favorite part was the Writing Room - full of fountain pens and leather bound journals. I touched everything in that room.

Why yes, I did do a little sketching in the bathroom. The bathroom was absolutely gorgeous, these art nouveau tiles were really amazing, I added the color later, and no (Richard) I did not touch anything in this room.

Went to dinner at Le Bouchee with most of the group, but Toby's cough had started at this point so he missed it. Too bad, it was a really delicious meal.

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