March 13, 2013

London Day 3

The coffee shop downstairs at the hotel. I got Toby a full English breakfast. To go.

The guy at this shop is super nice, and I met other nice people there during the week.

I had a museum day all to myself, so I took the bus to Trafalgar Square - to the National Gallery!

These kids were SO CUTE. They were all splayed out on the floor of the gallery, drawing the art.

This sketch is not to scale! The column in the center is really quite tall - I sketched it first, then everything else around it. It was very warm that day, so the square was hopping. People everywhere - so much to see and hear.

Since I knew exactly where I was going on the way back, I sat on the top of the double decker bus and saw ALL OF LONDON! Or all of it between Trafalgar Square and the hotel.

That night Shannon and I went to an art opening for Ann-Marie James, who had done an artist residency in Memphis with Lantana, when Shannon and I were on the board. We introduced ourselves to her and she seemed confused, but happy to see us. It was a great show, and packed! Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Later we went to dinner at St. George's Tavern. Had great fish and chips, and I finally got to use my red watercolor pen to paint the ceiling!

I demanded that Brian continue to look at his phone while I sketched him. "Don't look up!"

(click images for more detail)

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