May 27, 2017

Vacation! Part 3

The house we rented on Cape Cod was right at the beach. Our first full day there was pretty chilly and rainy so most of the day was spent inside except for this one little page. Brrrrrr.

The second day was much clearer and warmer and beautiful! We could see whales over on the left side by the sea oats.

Our little "beach" was up on a bluff overlooking the actual beach, so in addition to watching whales, we were able to watch people and birds.

We stayed near Provincetown, so we drove over to see their adorable museum. Did you know that the pilgrims landed in Provincetown before landing at Plymouth Rock? I didn't.

We found one of the few open pre-season spots, The Squealing Pig. It was packed and there were plenty of people to sketch.

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