May 20, 2017

Sketches from DC and the National Harbor

Here's more of the story I posted yesterday.

Stayed in Chinatown; this synagogue was the view outside my window.

I love riding the metro.

I love the National Gallery! I spent all afternoon in the east wing.

It was all so inspiring! Lately I've been working with patterns and shapes a lot, so I'm seeing patterns and shapes everywhere now.

On Sunday I went to the Phillips Collection. I went there the first time I went to DC in 1996 or 1997, and William Christenberry gave us a private tour of his show because he was friends with my teacher, Steve Langdon. Both are gone now, but Mr. Christenberry's work still hangs in the museum, and it was good to see it there.

I really do love the metro.

My cousin Gina drove me down to the National Harbor where my conference started on Sunday afternoon.

I only had a few free moments to make proper sketches, but I made sketch notes throughout the conference, so it was a creative and productive few days.

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