May 25, 2017

Vacation! Part 1

Last month - though it feels like longer-ago - we went on vacation to Providence and Cape Cod. I made a LOT of sketches, so here's part one of four.

I'm using a small Laloran sketchbook for everyday sketching. It's small - about 4" x 4".

I took my beloved fat pen (Pigma Graphic 1), C10 Pigma pen, Pentel brush pen and Pentel ink brush (see Materials I Like to see the difference between these two), colored pencil, a small watercolor set, and Pentel Aquash waterbrush pens filled with Dr. PH Marten's watercolor.

This and the one below obviously span two pages and I will figure out how to stitch them. They are on a Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook, which I love for watercolor! I didn't even think about it not fitting on my scanner, but usually I don't work in landscape format.

After Narragansett we drove to Newport and gawked at all the giant mansions. The Mooring is a great vacation restaurant!

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