May 16, 2017

Arts Advocacy Panel - Hustle!

Tonight there was a great Hustle program at Crosstown Arts about arts advocacy.

Elizabeth Rouse with Arts Memphis, Lauren Kennedy with UrbanArt, and Abbey Judd with Levitt Shell told us about their trip to DC for Arts Advocacy Day in March, and told us how we can be advocates, too.

  • Follow Americans for the Arts
    get their app and learn about the economic impact of the arts, plus ways to demonstrate the value of the arts
  • Write to legislators to keep NEA funding at $155 million for FY18
    (.004% of the federal budget, amounting to about 47 cents a year of your federal taxes)
  • Ask legislators to support the CREATE act, which aims to recognize artists as part of the small business community
  • Don't forget to thank them for the FY17 budget increase, and share stories of why #artmatters

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