November 09, 2014

Supply Sunday - Mini Watercolor Tin

I like my sketching supplies to be as portable as possible, so I made a mini watercolor kit in an Altoids Smalls tin. Not only is it cute, it's very handy. I like using a Kuretake waterbrush pen with watercolor to make lines, mostly, so this works well for me.

I painted the inside of the tin with Rustoleum appliance touch-up paint, to keep it from rusting, and to have a white surface for mixing paint, if I ever feel like doing that.

I hot-glued the paint tins down and filled them with Winsor & Newton artists' water colors:
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Yellow
French Ultramarine
Burnt Sienna

Between burnt sienna and viridian, I stuck down the yellow ochre that comes in the Winsor & Newton travel watercolor kits.

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