September 30, 2014

Newfoundland - Day 9, Vikings and Thrombolites

On Day 9 we visited the vikings. L'Anse aux Meadows is where the vikings landed in... a year a long long time ago! They set up camp - I would've too. Look how beautiful it is!

This is the actual place where actual viking buildings stood.

Driving back down/up the coast we stopped at Flower's Cove to visit the thrombolites. They are fossils of bacteria and algae that are about 650 million years old! This is one of only two places where thrombolites are found - the other is in Australia! Maybe we'll go see those one day.

This is the only real sketch of the day! So much driving! We did stop in Port aux Choix for more fish chowder - I wrote in my sketchbook that it's the best fish chowder EVER.

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