September 23, 2014

Newfoundland - Day 6, The Tablelands

On... whatever day this was... we drove about an hour from Rocky Harbour to another area of Gros Morne National Park, The Tablelands, for a hike. This is an area that is a geological anomaly - it is made up of a type of rock that is thought to originate in the earth's mantle. So instead of the lush green that you find throughout the rest of Newfoundland, it is very brown due to the high iron content. 

By the time we were in the parking lot I was ready to sketch! I started with a few cars there in the upper right (click image for more detail). 
Then right away I had to stop to sketch the plants, rocks, and water before putting my things away to concentrate on the hike.

 The easily-accessible hiking area stops at a seating area with an amazing view, so I sat and sketched. This is one of my favorites from the whole trip.

We very carefully hiked off the path for a bit after that, before returning to the park's welcome center. Right after we got there it started raining!

We ate lunch in Woody Point at the Old Loft Restaurant. I was happy I brought this color of colored pencil because everything in the place was that color! I had a cup of fish chowder, which at the time was the best fish chowder I'd had.

Woody Point

Then back to Rocky Harbour for a NAP. Later that evening I decided to walk to Rocky Harbour proper from our hotel, about a 10-minute walk, to get a donair pizza*. Well, I forgot about the whole rain thing and ended up getting completely soaked on the walk back. But it did give Toby enough time to make friends with some of the folks at the Fisherman's Landing Inn, Pauline and Dave.

*What is donair pizza? Here's how it was described to me: "Well, it's donair sauce and cheese and donair meat on a pizza."

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