September 16, 2013

Memphis Monday: Cooper Young Festival!

Every year the Cooper Young neighborhood invites the rest of Memphis over for a party. It is a completely crazy event with people parking up to a mile away, getting drunk on the street in the daytime, eating funnel cakes and buying crazy looking folk art.

You have to go with the right attitude, that you will be hot and sweaty and it will be crowded and there will be a guy pulling a barbecue smoker on the back of a bicycle (not even to sell, just to eat later), and that all of that will be okay.

For the past few years my friend Heather and I have gone together, usually with her kids but this year without them, which she found very exciting. Every year she has to stop by the "crepe" place. I say "crepe" because while the thing the stuff goes in is a crepe, they do not offer ham and cheese, which just as we say around here, "ain't right." I tell you what, it sure does smell good, though.

We listened to singer/songwriter Mark Stuart.

Later, after pronto pups, twisted taters, lots of shopping, some much-needed rest on a friend's porch, lemonade and a funnel cake, we sat down on a curb in the shade to hear the band Motel Mirrors. In this sketch half of the people are facing one direction watching the band, and the other half are facing the other direction waiting for the ATM.

These two ladies brought chairs.

Last sketch of the day, listening to the band, maybe dancing a little while sketching.

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