September 12, 2013

New-to-Me Restaurant

A couple weeks ago I went to lunch at a place called City East Bagel and Grill and it was delicious. They have plate lunches, so I ordered turkey and dressing! Yum! And greens and something else that wasn't memorable.

As I sketched the pepper sauce that sits on the table of so many restaurants here I wondered, do people outside of the south use this? Or even know what it is? Does it have any uses other than to go on turnip greens or collard greens? Here's how I do it: I sprinkle this all over my greens, then eat a layer of greens, then sprinkle on some more, and so on and so on.

I was using Dr. Ph Martin's watercolor in a waterbrush for the red and noticed it was kind of leaking, so I grabbed a napkin to clean it up and it was just everywhere. Then on the napkin it looked like blood! I took that napkin and wrapped it inside of a cleaner one so that it wouldn't look like a terrible accident had occurred at my table.

There was so much food that the next day I had the leftovers for lunch. This time I was ready with a marker that was closer to the color of greens.

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