May 22, 2013

Studio Night Last Night Part Two: Tiny Painting

After messing around with my new Gamblin paints on a big piece of gessoed paper (30" x 22"), I needed to try them on a tiny painting, so I made this. I really enjoyed using the new paints to make this tiny painting - some of the colors are so perfectly muted, but all of the greens have just enough of a bright hue to make them stand out. I feel like I'm missing one good dark (out of the self-limited palette I'm playing with), but I do like the effect of how close the colors are to each other.

I also got a better sense of how the Solvent Free Gel works, and found I was using too much with the tiny brushes, compared with wanting to use more with the bigger brushes in the first painting. It'll take a while to get used to, but I love how it is almost the consistency of paint, so that I can dab my brush into it, then dab it into the paint and play with it until I like the consistency. Dang I love oil paint!

Here's my newest tiny painting: Art Opening.

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