July 13, 2017

#oneweek100peopleSymposium (edited)

One week. One hundred people. Who's in?!

Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes started this sketching challenge in March, and with the Urban Sketchers Symposium coming up in Chicago, I thought we should do this again. I need the practice!

For the week of July 17-21*, I am going to work on making sketches of 100 people and post them** using the hashtag #oneweek100peopleSymposium***. Feel free to join in!

* I know, I know. It's just five days, not a week. But that's how it was structured last time.

** You can find me on Instagram @elizabethalley and on Twitter @alleyelizabeth and on Facebook.

*** Marc suggested changing it to help us get fired up about the Symposium!

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