September 11, 2015

Singapore Trip: Day 5

Oh, the last day of the Symposium! Went to lunch with Pat and Gabi and Tia, and we had delicious Thai food and a lovely visit. I had some solid sketching time during the final sketch walk, then we had our “family photo,” which always makes me get a little teary ☺

I had been wanting to sketch these trees since we got there!

Matias, the youngest Symposium attendee.


After that we just had a big ol’ party at the closing reception! We still had work to do – running the silent auction, making sure everyone got thanked, and announcing the 2016 Symposium location – Manchester!

I really do love the Symposium, and I’m looking forward to again one day being just a participant. As an organizer, and the board president, I feel a little bit removed from the event itself. But I love working with this team, and I love having an excuse to meet everyone.


Joan Tavolott said...

I can't imagine being around all that creativity...and not having all the time in the world to sketch. Good post and I love the sketches.

gabi campanario said...

Good times! That was a great lunch at the Thai restaurant.

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