September 10, 2015

Singapore Trip: Day 4

I got to take another workshop on day 4, with Marina Grechanik and Ea Ejersbo. These two have such calm and gentle personalities, and I was excited to spend a few hours with them. I also got to spend some good sketching time with fellow sketchers, which is what this event is all about!

At first we focused on faces, trying to capture expressions. I found a good combination of materials – liquid watercolor and colored pencil – and the act of putting down the light color first in liquid watercolor helped me immensely with the next part of the sketch – details of the face. Starting with a light color and generalized shapes helped to make sketching the face less intimidating.

Next we sketched figures by focusing on the weight of people’s posture. This was fun, too!

Then we put it all together to create a story about what was happening. My story is about how no one there was interested in the "divination" offered at the shrine.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop sketching people! I attended lectures all afternoon, so I had plenty of subjects to choose from!

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